Special edition in English regarding covid-19, from the podcast ”Så sjukt – a pod about life with primary immunodeficiency”.

A longer version of this episode is available in Swedish. The podcast is produced by the Swedish patient organization for people with primary immunodeficiency (PIO).

The progression of the new coronavirus, covid-19, around the world affects everyone, but may especially worry those living with a chronic disease. How should people with primary immune deficiency relate to the infection? Does immunoglobulin treatment in any way protect you? And how will this outbreak affect access to healthcare and medicines in the near future? With the help of Professor Lennart Hammarström from the Karolinska Institute we highlight and discuss some of the questions that have been submitted to PIO in this highly topical episode from Wednesday, March 18, 2020. For more information on covid-19, visit folkhalsomyndigheten.se and pio.nu.

Listen to the podcast.